In order to stay competitive in a fast changing market like mobile communications, a company must closely watch and adopt emerging trends. We, as Quala Engineering, are well aware of this fact and planned our future accordingly. Every time we complete a project for our customers in Turkey and/or abroad, considerable experience and know how is automatically gathered in our departments and personnel. We are channelizing this know-how and experience to innovative products in our R&D office at KOU Teknopark.



Finished Projects

First complete product of our R&D Department was a “geo-location based” network optimisation solution.

In this project, geo-location algorithms to predict the locations of users in a 3G network were developed and successfully adapted to be used for 3G mobile network analysis and optimisation.

Besides being an innovative approach to network optimisation, the highly theoretical side of this project subject to several academic researches made it one of the successful candidates to be funded by The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).

Today our R&D department is supporting almost every ongoing project via practical and innovative solutions to computationally expensive tasks, ensuring high quality and on-time delivery to our customers.

R&D Vision

As the telecommunications market emerges, learning and applying new technologies is inevitable.  It is the duty of our research and development team to follow and transfer any related new technology in the mobile network industry.After completing our first big project of geo-location based optimisation, R&D department has undergone a rather huge task of LTE technology adaptation. As our market already took a bias in 4G direction, thanks to the support of our R&D department, QUALA engineering will soon be practically contributing 4G network optimisation projects.