QUALA is one of the leading providers of mobile radio network engineering solutions in EMEA Region. The company offers a full range of network strategy, radio planning, network optimisation and transmission planning.

Our goal is to continually deliver best-in-class engineering services to the mobile communications industry.We struggle to meet the needs of our customers by providing a dynamic response and delivering true commercial and technical value.

Our mission in the telecommunications market is to provide smartly designed solutions that fully satisfy the requirements of our customers all of which have their particular expectations and requirements.

We offer end to end solutions in all service business areas of Telecommunication industry to both vendors and operators. To achieve this, our international experience in the field is merged with strong project management skills and an extensive business management approach.

Quala’s vision is to make a difference about the understanding of quality in every country that we perform our services and position ourself at least one step ahead of competitors providing similar services.

Our decision making strategy is based on the local requirements of our customers.Therefore the initial trigger for us entering new markets and expanding ourself there is mainly the requirements of the customer and then the general status of local region. After an analysis of the present conditions, we put flexible solutions on the table that are tailored for the specific requirements.


Today, high quality communication standards are a benefit to every individual living on our world.
High Quality communication standards can only be accomplished by a descently planned, well implemented and regularly maintained communication infrastructure.

Contributing to the non stop improvement of Mobile Operators’ communication infrastructures to increase their productivity, Quala also cares about the health and safety of our direct and indirect personnel, people in residental areas that we perform our work at and minimize the effect of our work to the environment and nature. Quala believes the key for this is continuous improvement of service quality, production of creative solutions, qualified workforce and respect for humanity and environment. Therefore;

– Quala shall keep following up the development in communication technologies
– Customer needs and requirements shall be considered as the guide to our self improvement strategies
– Benefits received by improvement of service quality and process criteria shall be used to increase customer satisfaction
– Quala shall focus on process management to secure the quality of process output
– We will gain advantage in market competition with creative and innovative solutions only.
– During all business processes, environment friendly solutions shall be chosen. Natural resurce conservation, pollution prevention, waste management as well as preventing injuries and impairment of health are priorities for Quala .
– We will adhere to the legal terms and quality standards.
– Quala commits to the management standards and to continously improve the performance. To achieve this we will acquire all necessary resources including qualified manpower.


Quala has been certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 45001:2018, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO9001:2015